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Comfort + Style

Our Story

                 The average person walks more than 176,000 miles in their lifetime.
                      Feet are one of the hard-working part of our body.


           Our brand "Emoo" is inspired to create socks that can protect and improve foot health.  With structure that emphasize seamless technology and knit to fit the foot shape, we try to engineer socks that are comfortable but cause less harm to skin. 

              Our main products are made from bamboo blended. Bamboo is good at moisture wicking so it can dry out very fast after absorbency. Bamboo is breathable and powerfully insulating so you will feel cool and dry in summer and warmer in winter or in cold A/C room.

It also makes every pair of Emoo socks soft because the bamboo itself is naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.

             Every pair is made from selected material and sources that are no restricted substances that can harm your skin. All used chemicals are sustainable and treated under eco-friendly manufacturing.



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